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본 협회 심판자격으로 ITU(국제연맹) 심판 자격을 부여 받게 된다.

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ITU가 우리 협회의 심판 자격 부여 교육을 공인하게 됨에 따라 향후 국내심판들은 ITU Community Level과 Level 1 심판자격 획득을 위해 해외에 나갈 필요 없이 국내에서 개최되는 심판과정에서 위에서 언급한 국제심판 자격을 취득할 수 있게 되었다.


현재까지 심판 자격 부여 교육을 ITU로부터 공인 받은 나라는 우리나라를 포함한 호주, 일본, 싱가폴, 뉴질랜드, 영국, 스페인, 멕시코, 오스트리아, 캐나다, 아일랜드, 네덜란드로 총 12개국이다.


이로써 금년 10월 15일과 16일 올림픽 파크텔에서 개최되는 심판과정에 참석자는 국내 2급 심판 자격과 더불어 ITU Level 1 심판 자격도 함께 취득할 수 있게 되었다.


원문보기 -> ITU 홈페이지 http://www.triathlon.org/news/article/korea_netherlands_and_ireland_accredited_with_itus_atoep


 Korea, Netherlands and Ireland receive ITU accreditation for Technical Officials Programme
TweetBy Erin Greene on 15/06/16 at 2:44 pm
ITU is proud to announce that National Federations in Korea, Netherlands and Ireland will have their Technical Officials’ Education programme (ATOEP) accredited. With the three new additions, 12 National Federations are included in the programme, which reinforces one of ITU’s biggest aims - to continue improving the education of our officials in order to deliver top-notch events worldwide.
ITU’s ATOEP targets developed National Federations with an existing Technical Officials education programme, and provides the opportunity for these NFs to have their existing program accredited. This programme is part of ITU’s continued efforts to improve the pathway for TO development, which helps grow and maintain ITU’s global Technical Official database.
Once a National Federation is accredited, the NF need only inform ITU about the NTO courses they have offered with the place, date, programme and facilitator(s). At the end of each calendar year, these NFs can submit a list to ITU with all new NTOs who have fulfilled all necessary requirements, including officiating in an ITU event.
ITU’s Sport Department will then include these Technical Officials in the ITU Technical Officials’ database after it is approved by the ITU Technical Committee at the start of the next calendar year.
Ireland, Netherlands and Korea join the list of accredited countries, which already included Japan, Austria, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Spain, Australia and Canada.

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